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One of the biggest recent Football news Is definitely circulating around the Capital city of Italy, Rome. Mourinho has been sacked by the Americans Friedkin. Many people are being sentimental but Daniele De Rossi has written part of the huge history of the club along with Francesco Totti who might also get back in considering the new circumstances.

Andrew Cole: The Newcastle United Hero


Andrew Cole, fondly known as "Andy Cole," is a name etched in the annals of Newcastle United's rich footballing history. Born on October 15, 1971, in Nottingham, England, Cole rose to prominence as one of the most prolific strikers in the Premier League during the 1990s.

Eric Abidal: A Life of Determination and Triumph in Football


Eric Abidal's career is a tale of determination, resilience, and success in the world of football. Born on September 11, 1979, in Lyon, France, Abidal has left an indelible mark on the sport, both as a talented defender and as an example of sheer willpower. In this article, we will explore his career, key moments, and the inspiration he drew from his battle against illness.

Alan Shearer: A Football Legend


Alan Shearer, a name synonymous with goals, dedication, and a true love for the beautiful game, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the history of English football. Born on August 13, 1970, in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Shearer's journey from a young boy kicking a ball in his backyard to becoming the Premier League's all-time top scorer is a testament to his extraordinary talent and passion for football.

MARADONA MEJOR JUGADOR DO SIGLO : rare collection about Diego!


There is a question that will always pop up in our minds: Who is the greatest football player ever ? Well definitely Diego Armando Maradona is one of them and this is a fact recognized worldwide. There has been few collections about thi

Goodbye Gianluca: it all started at Cremonese!


The whole football world and beyond is still mourning the loss of Gianluca Vialli. A player loved all over the world but especially by Italians and English supporters since he left a big mark in both leagues. Amazing his rookie sticker at Cremonese by Calciatori

Euro Panini stickers OUT OF BUSINESS!


Apparently it's official! We won't be able to order anything anymore from the Panini websites regarding any EURO competition! Since, as you might know, Panini lost the rights for the coming years by the hands of Topps, the news came in and it was rather shocking considering that they declared they ll destroy all the remaining stocks!!

Calciatori Panini very first packs and legacy.


Ever wondered how the first ever Calciatori Panini pack looked like ? Well it was obviously quite simple as you can see below, showing a player in red shirt doing a bicycle kick and a defender almost attempting to stop him, the goal is far away with the shadow of a keeper waiting.

Big news coming from Panini in Spain!


Probably many of you will not be surprised by the news but Panini signed an agreement with LIGA F to produce the first ever stickers collection of Liga Profesional de Futbol Femenino.Panini Cromos, which is the Spanish side of Panini, decided to expand into the women football especially thanks to the huge success and the continuing interest growing rapidly

The Ninja Turtle of Football: Kylian Mbappe and his rookies!


He probably doesn't like much the alias "NinjaTurtle" but his look definitely reminds one and after his huge deal with Paris Saint Germain , some others started to spread around Mbappepaypal. However we care of his most wanted items in terms of stickers and cards so let's discover his first rookies

The rookies of an Italian Legend: Alessandro Del Piero.


Italian legendary former player Alessandro Del Piero, alias "Pinturicchio", just can't be forgotten especially from Juventus supporters. Incredible class and elegance on the pitch, fantastic strike and sense of the position, a deep-lying forward who could play also several other offensive roles, one of the best Italian players of all the time and in history.

Who is the player on the Panini sticker Logo?


Probably many of you have an idea of the Panini stickers logo, but how many of you googled about it or got curious to know if the company took inspiration from a real player or it was just created by someone? The answer is that the player doing the overhead kick it's actually called Carlo

The mega rare sticker of Pizzaballa!


Pier Luigi Pizzaballa has been an amazing goalkeeper with over 300 caps in the Serie A playing for teams like Roma, Verona, Milan and Atalanta, his favourite team ever and also team of the city he was born in, Bergamo. He started his career with them and ended it with them becoming one of the club legends.

France 98 Panini stickers: The IRAN team case.


This was an incredible and fascinating story regarding the Iran team, which, as you might know, wasn't available in the collection. Many people wondered what happened to the whole stickers set of Iran. So apparently Panini prepared the drafts if these



Did you ever ask yourself which one was the first ever Panini stickers produced ? His name was Bruno Bolchi, captain of Inter Milan in 1961. He was born in Milan on 21st February 1940 and had his debut during the season 1957-1958 wearing



We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo will g o down as one of the best players ever in the history ,along with Pele, Maradona, Messi and so on . Consequently their first years stickers and cards are the most wanted and must have for every collectors and Football lovers. Unfortunately it seems

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