Calciatori Panini very first packs and legacy.

Ever wondered how the first ever Calciatori Panini pack looked like ? Well it was obviously quite simple as you can see below, showing a player in red shirt doing a bicycle kick and a defender almost attempting to stop him, the goal is far away with the shadow of a keeper waiting.

This was the far season 1961-62 and it took a while before Panini decided to put all its luck on Parola's trick.

The 1962-63 only shows two players about to clash and fight over an orange ball while the 1963-64 shows a goalkeeper attempting to save what appears to be a very good strike from an offender.

The 1964-65 show two players in the penalty area, shoulder to shoulder and a keeper waiting something to happen.

This was the last Front Cover in action for Panini packs before moving forever to the Carlo Parola inspired player that we all know and the first one showed up on the pack from season 1965-66.

The legacy has been set in that season and keeps going on strong till nowadays and probably more.

You can still find some of these packs at rather affordable prices on line so grab some and keep them tight!!


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