Who we are

Stickersone.com is a site for fans of football-themed stickers and cards (and more).

We are a team of collectors and fans of stickers and cards and we have joined our forces and knowledge to try to propose a site that can help you research, catalog and evaluate your collections. The site allows you to search for stickers by "Name" or "Album" in order to identify that particular sticker / cards or collection.

When you click on a player's sticker, in addition to viewing the details, you will be able to scroll through all the stickers / cards assigned to him. It will also be possible to view, year by year, the player's career in stickers / cards in order to have a complete picture of all the publications related to him.

On the sticker it will also be possible to view two other extremely important information for collectors:
- If the card is a rookie
- If the card is out of stock
* The stickers / card rookie is identified by a small crown at the top right and a colored dot.

The sold out sticker / card has a colored stamp inside.
How to find the desired stickers / card / collection on the site?
Our powerful search engine will immediately propose the most sought after stickers / cards / albums for that player, as you type in the appropriate search area.
Once clicked, you will have all the information not only on the sticker / cards / album clicked, but also on all the others assigned to that player / collection.
If, on the other hand, once you have entered some characters in the search space, you click ENTER, then the system will propose the stickers and albums that contain what you have typed.
Our team takes care of constantly updating the upcoming collections and improving the system of assigning stickers / cards to that player. The database has about 1,000,000 stickers / cards and we work every day to make the information more usable and correct.

Are you an aspiring collector and don't know where to start? Read our VADEMECUM on collecting.

Do you want to collaborate with us? Write to info@stickersone.com

* Some rookies may be incorrect.
We work continuously with our staff to improve this information and, in general, all the others present on the site.
You can report inaccuracies to info@stickersone.com in order to correct them in a short time.

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