One of the biggest recent Football news Is definitely circulating around the Capital city of Italy, Rome. Mourinho has been sacked by the Americans Friedkin. Many people are being sentimental but Daniele De Rossi has written part of the huge history of the club along with Francesco Totti who might also get back in considering the new circumstances.

De Rossi his second only to Totti, in the club most appearances list and it all started in 2001, as a very young man, and staying till 2019, winning two Italian Cups and one Italian Super Cup.

World Champion in the amazing Italy campaign in 2006, he then went to play in one of the most passionate stadium in the world, La Bombonera, at Boca Juniors in Argentina, where he only played 5 matches before becoming a manager at Spal in Italian Serie B.

In terms of stickers and cards, there's plenty of him, the most iconic are probably the rookie Calciatori Panini 2003/2004 and we would like also to mention the pretty amazing look of Daniele wearing the Boca shirt in the Fifa 365 2020.

As cards it's good to mention the Calcio card and Calcio Animotion, both from 2003/2004.

The As Roma choice has been clearly made in order to attempt to calm the supporters down. They have been amazing all season making an astonishing sold out at Stadio Olimpico for the entire season but they are starting to lose patience seeing their team underachieving in such manner.

We believe Daniele might be the right man to turn things around and words say that he might play with two strikers and a much more offensive football !
We just have to wait and see!


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