Euro Panini stickers OUT OF BUSINESS!

Apparently it's official! We won't be able to order anything anymore from the Panini websites regarding any EURO competition!

Since, as you might know, Panini lost the rights for the coming years by the hands of Topps, the news came in and it was rather shocking considering that they declared they ll destroy all the remaining stocks!!

This could be a turning point for the stickers and cards collectors ? It will be very interesting to see if the boxes , the single stickers, the blisters and so on , about Euro competitions will skyrocket or they ll just stay as they are.

If you can afford it , you probably better stockpile them because they will never officially be sold anymore and not even possible to request missing single stickers!!

Suddenly the EURO collections become a rare item and this also shows you how unpredictable the market is.
Take your conclusions from this huge event happening and decide what to do fast !

You never know when the bubbles explode or grow !

It's time for big decisions in the Hobby !


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