The Ninja Turtle of Football: Kylian Mbappe and his rookies!

He probably doesn't like much the alias "NinjaTurtle" but his look definitely reminds one and after his huge deal with Paris Saint Germain , some others started to spread around Mbappepaypal. However we care of his most wanted items in terms of stickers and cards so let's discover his first rookies:

One of the absolutely most wanted definitely is the Foot France 2017-2018 where he shares the sticker space with Corentin Jean at As Monaco, lucky him actually ! The infamous sticker n.224, in the fabulous light blue edges, will definitely have an insane value someday, especially considering that he already scored as many goals as Cr7 and Messi, in a world cup, with the slight difference that Mbappe is only 23 years old and keeps banging hard!

More affordable are definitely the 2 Foot France 2017-2018 cards Adrenalyn but still a must have in your collection, even if somehow the Adrenalyn are considered not as great as other items, probably because it was born more like a card game, but these are just points of view

And also his Topps Champions League 2017/18 always at As Monaco

Two very great ones are the PRIZM RUSSIA 2018 rookie cards which come in various types with different values. The base one is definitely great and elegant with his shiny look and great quality of the card, prizm style.

Easier and more affordable to find, for now, it's his Russia 2018 Panini sticker, probably because of the very high production number.

Interesting are some sort of parallel collections that came out in France in collaboration with Intermarche and Carrefour which released a set exclusively on the France National Team and you can see here some stickers from the collections Fiers D'Etre Bleu 2017 and 2018

Regarding the EURO 2020, which was his first one , they are still very easy to grab also cheap but you probably should stockpile him now because the guy is destined to be one of the GOAT!

In conclusion, very funny one is also the caricature of Mbappe in the sticker collection Rusija World Cup Soccer


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