Who is the player on the Panini sticker Logo?

Probably many of you have an idea of the Panini stickers logo, but how many of you googled about it or got curious to know if the company took inspiration from a real player or it was just created by someone?

The answer is that the player doing the overhead kick it's actually called Carlo Parola who did that incredible "trick" during the match Fiorentina-Juventus in 1950 at the 80' but probably you don't know that the player was clearing the area so it wasn't a direct shot on goal or a cross!

Funny thing is that apparently that match was kinda boring and ended in a classic 0-0 but none imagined that in that match a photographer, Corrado Banchi, who was a free lance journalist, would have shot probably the best shot of his life, a shot which became known all over the world and overseen but everyone on this planet and still fascinates everyone no matter the age !

Parola started his career as striker but ended up almost like a Libero. His debut was at Juventus when he was 18, team where he became a legendary figure. He also accounts 10 caps with the Italy National Team. He won an Italian Cup and two league titles getting 334 Italian Serie A appearances. His career ended at Lazio.

He also had a career has head coach in several teams and also at his beloved Juventus where he won 2 titles and 2 Italian cups 1959-1960. A black dot in his after player career was finishing in 12th position in the league, which was the worst record ever for Juventus. Other spells were in Serie B and Serie C , where he discovered future champions like Felice Pulici and Renato Zaccarelli.


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