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Rhys Wilmot
Sticker: n. 283

Set English Football 1990-1991
Year: 1990 - Publishing house: Logo Pro Set
Rhys Wilmot
Sticker: n. 199

Set English Football 1991-1992
Year: 1991 - Publishing house: Logo Pro Set

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Goodbye Gianluca: it all started at Cremonese!


The whole football world and beyond is still mourning the loss of Gianluca Vialli. A player loved all over the world but especially by Italians and English supporters since he left a big mark in both leagues. Amazing his rookie sticker at Cremonese by Calciatori

Euro Panini stickers OUT OF BUSINESS!


Apparently it's official! We won't be able to order anything anymore from the Panini websites regarding any EURO competition! Since, as you might know, Panini lost the rights for the coming years by the hands of Topps, the news came in and it was rather shocking considering that they declared they ll destroy all the remaining stocks!!

Calciatori Panini very first packs and legacy.


Ever wondered how the first ever Calciatori Panini pack looked like ? Well it was obviously quite simple as you can see below, showing a player in red shirt doing a bicycle kick and a defender almost attempting to stop him, the goal is far away with the shadow of a keeper waiting.

Big news coming from Panini in Spain!


Probably many of you will not be surprised by the news but Panini signed an agreement with LIGA F to produce the first ever stickers collection of Liga Profesional de Futbol Femenino.Panini Cromos, which is the Spanish side of Panini, decided to expand into the women football especially thanks to the huge success and the continuing interest growing rapidly

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