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Rhys Wilmot
Sticker: n. 283

Set English Football 1990-1991
Year: 1990 - Publishing house: Logo Pro Set
Rhys Wilmot
Sticker: n. 199

Set English Football 1991-1992
Year: 1991 - Publishing house: Logo Pro Set

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Who is the player on the Panini sticker Logo ?


Probably many of you have an idea of the Panini stickers logo, but how many of you googled about it or got curious to know if the company took inspiration from a real player or it was just created by someone? The answer is that the player doing the overhead kick it's actually called Carlo

The mega rare sticker of Pizzaballa !


Pier Luigi Pizzaballa has been an amazing goalkeeper with over 300 caps in the Serie A playing for teams like Roma, Verona, Milan and Atalanta, his favourite team ever and also team of the city he was born in, Bergamo. He started his career with them and ended it with them becoming one of the club legends.

France 98 Panini stickers: The IRAN team case.


This was an incredible and fascinating story regarding the Iran team, which, as you might know, wasn't available in the collection. Many people wondered what happened to the whole stickers set of Iran. So apparently Panini prepared the drafts if these



Did you ever ask yourself which one was the first ever Panini stickers produced ? His name was Bruno Bolchi, captain of Inter Milan in 1961. He was born in Milan on 21st February 1940 and had his debut during the season 1957-1958 wearing

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