Relevant albums

Calcio 2006-2007 Pocket Collection
Country: Italia
Year: 2006 | Stickers: 445
Publishing house: Logo Merlin
Brazil 2014
Country: International
Year: 2014 | Stickers: 484
Publishing house: Logo Rafo
Manchester United. Europe 2001
Country: Inghilterra
Year: 2001 | Stickers: 190
Publishing house: Logo Futera
FootballFan 2010
Country: International
Year: 2010 | Stickers: 178
Publishing house: Logo Luxor
Calciatori e Basket 1977-1978
Country: Italia
Year: 1977 | Stickers: 628
Publishing house: Logo Edis
J. League Official Trading Cards 2016
Country: Giappone
Year: 2016 | Stickers: 477
Publishing house: Logo NO EDITOR
Racing Club De Lens 1999-2000
Country: Francia
Year: 2000 | Stickers: 180
Publishing house: Logo Panini
DFB-Sammelalbum 2010
Country: Germania
Year: 2010 | Stickers: 25
Publishing house: Logo Rewe
30 Seasons UEFA Champions League
Country: International
Year: 2022 | Stickers: 765
Publishing house: Logo Topps
Svetsko fudbalsko prvenstvo 2018
Country: Serbia
Year: 2018 | Stickers: 491
Publishing house: Logo School Shop
Football 1979-1980
Country: Inghilterra
Year: 1979 | Stickers: 50
Publishing house: Logo Bassett & Co.
Las Fichas De La Liga 1995-1996
Country: Spagna
Year: 1995 | Stickers: 453
Publishing house: Logo Mundicromo
J. League 2003
Country: Giappone
Year: 2003 | Stickers: 176
Publishing house: Logo calbee
GSG Nogomet 1996-1997
Country: Croazia
Year: 1996 | Stickers: 340
Publishing house: Logo NO EDITOR
Primera Division 2001-2002
Country: Messico
Year: 2001 | Stickers: 186
Publishing house: Logo Bimbo
Impeccable Premier League 2021-2022
Country: Germania
Year: 2021 | Stickers: 777
Publishing house: Logo Panini
Chelsea 2010-2011
Country: Inghilterra
Year: 2010 | Stickers: 31
Publishing house: Logo Top Trumps
Football Treasures. Valencia CF 2023-2024
Country: Spagna
Year: 2023 | Stickers: 430
Publishing house: Logo Mundicromo

Relevant stickers

Ali Crawford
Sticker n°. 277

Scottish Professional Football League 2013-2014
Year: 2013 - Publishing house: Logo Topps
rookie Adrian Luna
Sticker n°. 1079

Campeonato Nacional De Liga 2011-2012
Year: 2011 - Publishing house: Logo Mundicromo
Matt Le Tissier
Sticker n°. 153

The Official PFA Collection 1997
Year: 1996 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Rene de Moor
Sticker n°. 146

Football Belgium 1974-1975
Year: 1974 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Antonio Renna
Sticker n°. 255

Calciatori 1967-1968
Year: 1967 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Javier Garrido
Card n°. 166

English Premier League 2008-2009. Match Attax
Year: 2008 - Publishing house: Logo Topps
Cengiz Ünder
Card n°. C-ROM

UEFA Champions League 2019-2020. Match Attax. Italy
Year: 2019 - Publishing house: Logo Topps
Luis Airton Oliveira
Sticker n°. 124

Calciatori 1997-1998
Year: 1997 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
rookie Marius Wolf
Sticker n°. 121

FIFA 365: 2018-2019. Adrenalyn XL
Year: 2018 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Pepe / Fabio Coentrao
Card n°. DD-8

Select Soccer 2015
Year: 2016 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Riyad Mahrez
Card n°. MCI13

UEFA Champions League 2020-2021. Match Attax
Year: 2020 - Publishing house: Logo Topps
Mauro Obolo
Card n°. 91

Fùtbol Argentino 2015
Year: 2015 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Genoa / Squadra-1
Sticker n°. 173

Calciatori 2019-2020
Year: 2019 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Wendie Renard
Card n°. 171

UEFA Champions League & Europa League 2023-2024. Match Attax Extra
Year: 2023 - Publishing house: Logo Topps
Alejandro Bedoya
Card n°. 177

Chrome MLS 2023
Year: 2023 - Publishing house: Logo Topps
Trevor Steven
Sticker n°. 55

Soccer Superstars 1988
Year: 1988 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
Valerio Fiori (Milan)
Sticker n°. A61

Calciatori 2007-2008
Year: 2007 - Publishing house: Logo Panini
rookie Kenny Armstrong
Sticker n°. 42

UK Football 1985-1986
Year: 1985 - Publishing house: Logo Panini

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One of the biggest recent Football news Is definitely circulating around the Capital city of Italy, Rome. Mourinho has been sacked by the Americans Friedkin. Many people are being sentimental but Daniele De Rossi has written part of the huge history of the club along with Francesco Totti who might also get back in considering the new circumstances.

Andrew Cole: The Newcastle United Hero

Andrew Cole: The Newcastle United Hero


Andrew Cole, fondly known as "Andy Cole," is a name etched in the annals of Newcastle United's rich footballing history. Born on October 15, 1971, in Nottingham, England, Cole rose to prominence as one of the most prolific strikers in the Premier League during the 1990s.

Eric Abidal: A Life of Determination and Triumph in Football

Eric Abidal: A Life of Determination and Triumph in Football


Eric Abidal's career is a tale of determination, resilience, and success in the world of football. Born on September 11, 1979, in Lyon, France, Abidal has left an indelible mark on the sport, both as a talented defender and as an example of sheer willpower. In this article, we will explore his career, key moments, and the inspiration he drew from his battle against illness.

Alan Shearer: A Football Legend

Alan Shearer: A Football Legend


Alan Shearer, a name synonymous with goals, dedication, and a true love for the beautiful game, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the history of English football. Born on August 13, 1970, in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Shearer's journey from a young boy kicking a ball in his backyard to becoming the Premier League's all-time top scorer is a testament to his extraordinary talent and passion for football.

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